to install a sofplus modification simply place it within the /user/sofplus folder To download all the files go to:

SoF Screenshot Tool

SoF Screenshot Tool   Screenshot(s)
  1. Install the SoF screenshot scripts
    • Download the scripts from here
    • Install in your SoF installation directory (you’ll figure it out)
  2. Install Python 2.7.x or 3.2.x
  3. Install ImageMagick
  4. Copy ImageMagick convert.exe and identify.exe to your screenshot directory
    • Copy convert.exe and identify.exe from the ImageMagick installation directory (C:\Program Files\ImageMagick-6.7.1-Q16\) to your SoF screenshot directory (C:\…\user\scrnshot\)
  5. Optional: Edit your SoF shortcut to automatically convert screenshots after quitting SoF
    • Change the shortcut to start SoF: Replace ‘SoF.exe’ with ‘ss_sof_run.cmd’

SoF1 ref_gl.dll patched

SoF1 ref_gl.dll patched Screenshot(s)
Download Recent AMD (ATI) and NVIDIA graphics card drivers return a GL_EXTENSIONS string that’s too long for SoF to handle. It causes SoF to crash when it starts. Install this modified ref_gl.dll into your SoF1 directory to solve the problem.(Thanks 2 Evilan)

Sofplus 1.4T9. (client)

Item Download link Screenshot(s)
Sofplus 1.4T9. (client) Download In console: menu spm

Sofplus Menu_Say

Item Download link Screenshot(s)
Sofplus Menu_Say Download In console: menu sp_say

Idle to Spectator script

Item Download link Screenshot(s)
Idle to Spectator script Download No screenshot available.

SoF Logger 2011

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SoF Logger 2011 Download
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