God Mode = heretic
Noclip = phantom
Notarget = ninja
Weapontest = elbow
Altweapontest = bigelbow
Kill = kill
Timescale = matrix
Spawn = gimme

A Brief Explanation Of The Cheats And Their Origins:

Cheat Description
 heretic  Makes you invulnerable to enemies, enemy weapons, explosions and falling damage inside the game. The name is a tribute to Raven’s historic Heretic/HeXen franchise of games.
 phantom  Allows you to clip through walls, floors, doors and objects like a ghost.
 ninja  Makes you invisible to the enemies in the game. When ninja mode is on, the enemies and characters all stand around in their idle animations and are oblivious to your presence. Handy for running through levels as a spectator to see where the enemies are placed.
 elbow  Gives you the first 6 weapons in the game and a sizeable chunk of ammunition for each.
 bigelbow  Gives you the six big guns in the game and ammunition for them.
 kill  Standard command for Quake II engine games that suicides the player. Best used if you find yourself stuck and unable to move out of an area in multiplayer or other times when you’re unable to use the phantom cheat.
 matrix  The matrix command allows you to speed up or slow down the game. The normal speed of the game is 1.0, but you can adjust it to go faster or slower. For example: If I want the game to move at ¼ speed to take some action screenshots, I’d type
 gimme  The command to spawn weapons, items, enemies and anything else that can be spawned into the game. As in

Spawning Weapons:

Weapon Command
 Knife *  item_ammo_knife
 9mm Black Panther  item_weapon_pistol1
 .44 Silver Talon  item_weapon_pistol2
 Berzerker Shotgun  item_weapon_shotgun
 Raptor Submachinegun  item_weapon_assault_rifle
 EagleEye Sniper Rifle  item_weapon_sniper_rifle
 Bulldog Suppressed Machinegun  item_weapon_machinepistol
 Slugthrower  item_weapon_autoshotgun
 Heavy Machinegun  item_weapon_machinegun
 Rocket Launcher  item_weapon_rocketlauncher
 Flamegun  item_weapon_flamethrower
 Microwave Pulse Gun  item_weapon_microwavepulse

* Note: You always have at least 1 knife in your inventory. Using this command will give you extra knives for throwing purposes.

Spawning Equipment:

Item Command
 Ballistic Armor  item_equip_armor
 Flash Pak  item_equip_flashpack
 Neural Pulse Emitter  item_equip_neural_grenade
 C4/Plastique  item_equip_c4
 Angel Light Goggles  item_equip_light_goggles
 Medkit  item_equip_medkit
 Frag Grenade  item_equip_grenade

Spawning Ammunition:

Type of Ammo Command
 Throwing Knives  item_ammo_knife
 9mm Ammo  item_ammo_pistol
 Shotgun Rounds  item_ammo_shotgun
 .44 Pistol Ammo  item_ammo_pistol2
 5.56 Ammo  item_ammo_auto
 MPG Ammo  item_ammo_battery
 Flamegun Ammo  item_ammo_gas
 Rocket Launcher Rockets  item_ammo_rocket
 Slugthrower Ammo  item_ammo_slug

Bring down the console by pressing the ~ key (default) and use the spawn command (gimme) to bring these enemies into the game world right in front of your eyes. If, for example, you want to spawn a snow cat vehicle from the Siberian mission, you would type “gimme m_x_snowcat” (without the quotes) and hit . Just like that, a snow cat appears in front of you. Here’s a list of the vehicles, animals, characters and enemies you can spawn.

Note: If you want to bind a key to spawn something, just bring down the console (~ key) and type “bind (key you want bound) gimme (enemy name)” (without the quotes) and hit . So if, for example, you want to bind the “s” key to spawn a NYC skinhead, you would type “bind s gimme m_nyc_mskinhead1” (without the quotes) and hit enter. When you put the console back up (~ key), a NYC skinhead will spawn in front of you every time you press “s.”



Generic Characters and Enemies

Siberia Characters and Enemies

African Characters and Enemies

Kosovo Characters and Enemies

Tokyo Characters and Enemies

Iraq Characters and Enemies

Black Raiders

New York Characters and Enemies

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