Basic Movement

Movement is vital to winning any match, and playing any game,
so prepare to learn how to do this effectively and quickly.

Soldier of Fortune is a VERY fast paced game, so moving quickly is key to dodge,
attack, and evade when needed.

First off you need to make sure you have “Always Run” set to OFF in your options

There are several movements in SOF that will help you be a better player.

You can stick to mouse movement and just turning,

but I guarantee someone will blow you to oblivion if you don’t take this advice.

You need to master stepping left and right.

This movement is called strafing,
and it provides you with the ability to dodge grenades
and move left or right while shooting at your opponent.

Be sure to be random and sporatic. Run around like a spastic
criminal running from cops after taking PCP.

Rolling is a very important move.
This is accomplished by TAPPING crouch quickly while holding.
Youll see the cam jitter a little, then you know your doing it right.

You can also be doing this while jumping,
You do this by hitting JUMP and at the top of your jump TAP
crouch and you will roll in mid-air.

So now that we have compared you in SOF to an angry ninja,
we can move on to aiming and shooting.