CVAR list

Command Description
menu_animated 0/1
menu_mail_available 0/1 Enables/Disable the mail button in the main menu page.
locked_summary “0”
server_summary “0”
player_summary “0/0”
menu_mouse_y “384”
menu_mouse_x “512”
fx_editsegment “0”
fx_edit “0”
fx_run “0”
fx_trail “0”
fx_collide “0”
fx_sound “null”
fx_partsub “0”
fx_graphic “0”
fx_partadd “0”
fx_partadjust “0”
fx_maxdebrisonscreen “16”
fx_noflash “0”
fx_sim_time “60”
cl_freezequads “0” Pause the current particles (0=no bulletholes, weapon fire particles
in_initjoy “1” Toggle the initialization of joystick.
in_initmouse “1” Toggle the initialization of the mouse.
joy_avail “0”
predicting “1”
spectator “0” set to “1” to go into spectator mode.
spectator_password “” set a spectator password.
password “” set a server password.
cl_pitchdebug “0” Show the value of Y axis via your position.
cl_speeds “0”
freezeworld “0” Disable a few part of the engine mechanic.
rcon_address “” Set IP address.
cl_downloading “”
cl_download_filename “”
cl_download_percent “0”
cl_timeout “120” Time to wait for signal before giving up and assuming disconnected (net play).
cl_showmiss “0” Toggle the display of missed predictions.
cl_shownet “0” Toggle the display of information about network packet transmissions.
cl_obit_filter “0”
cl_anglespeedkey “1.5” Sets the multiplier for how fast you turn when running
cl_pitchspeed “150” The speed at which the commands +lookup and +lookdown work.
cl_yawspeed “140” The speed at which the +left and +right commands make the player turn left and right.
cl_sidespeed “160” The speed at which the player moves left and right. (max – 500).
cl_forwardspeed “200” The speed at which the player moves forward. (max- 500).
cl_upspeed “200” The speed at which the player moves up and down. (max- 500).
cl_showlocation “0” Print’s co-ordinates of where your standing.
cl_showfps “0” Prints how much FPS you have.
cl_maxfps “30” Allows you to change your FPS. (max- 150)
cl_minfps “5” Allows you to change your minimum FPS. (max- 30).
cl_predict_weapon “1” Removes a slight delay while shooting.
cl_predict “1” Removes the delay in your motion.
cl_footsteps “1” Allows the ability of hearing footsteps.
cl_gun “1” Displays what gun you’re holding.
cl_entities “1” Show or hide entities.
cl_quads “1” Show or hide particles.
cl_lights “1” Toggle the display of dynamic lighting.
cl_blend “1” Turns your dynamic light black (flashbangs only).
cd_looptrack “11” The number of the music track designated to loop.
cd_loopcount “4” The number of times that the looping track will play.
scr_menuoverlay “0” Freeze your screen.
scr_drawall “0” Toggle the display of extended characters on the client’s display.
graphsize “50” Set the width of “Lag-o-Meter” in percentages.
graphwidth “4” Set the zoom level of the Lag-o-Meter.
graphshift “0” Set the height of the Lag-o-Meter (max. 98).
graphscale “1” Set the scale of your netgraph.
graphheight “100” Set the height of your netgreaph.
debuggraph “0” Obsolete commands.
timegraph “0” toggles display of graph showing time to draw screen
netgraph “0” Displays a netgraph which records packet loss.
scr_printspeed “8” The speed at which the final message is displayed at the end of each episode.
cinem_centertime “2.5”
scr_centertime “2.5” The amount of time in seconds that center printed messages stay on the screen.
scr_showpause “1” Toggle the display of a graphical icon when the game is paused.
scr_showturtle “0” Toggle the display of a graphical icon when the frame rate in the game drops below 10 frames-per-second.
scr_conspeed “10000” The speed at which the console screen lowers./td>
cl_stats “0” Show current quads printed in action and total.
cl_testlights “0” Debugs Dynamic Light.
cl_testblend “0” Debugs Dynamic Light (Flashbangs).
s_testsound “0” Plays a ‘def beep’ to test your sound!
s_show “0” Prints off each sound as it goes off.
s_disable “0” Disables all sound.
s_initsound “1” Switches on certain sounds.
ghl_precache_texture “1”
ghl_precache_verts “0”
ghl_pre_cull “1”
ghl_no_cull “0”
ghl_no_render “0” Disable the view on ghoul.
ghl_wireframe “1” Show/Hide wireframe of all ghoul as such
s3tc_avail “1”
gl_version “1.5.2” Show current
gl_renderer “GeForce FX 5900/PCI/SSE2” Show what video card, slot and SIMD?
gl_vendor “NVIDIA Corporation” Show video card company name
gl_fogdensityrange “-1”
gl_fogtime “-1”
gl_fogend “-1”
gl_fogstart “-1”
gl_fogdensity “-1”
gl_fogcolor “-1”
gl_saturatelighting “0” Toggle the saturation of all lights.
gl_drawbuffer “GL_BACK” Specify which color buffers are to be drawn into
gl_drawflat “0” Toggle the drawing of textures on the map.
gl_drawmode “0” Wall hack (Blocked in SofPlus).
gl_showeffectfill “0.0” Show the effect ratio the client use in variable.
gl_textureclamp “1”
gl_lockpvs “0” Toggle the locking of the current PVS table.
gl_cull “1” Toggle the use of internal OpenGL functions for removing covered objects.
gl_finish “0” Toggle the calling of the gl_finish() OpenGL function after each rendered frame.
gl_ztrick “0” Toggle the use of a trick to prevent the clearning of the z-buffer between frames.
gl_showtris “0” This command toggles a map of the triangles that the engine is drawing for the current view. The edges of the triangles are shown in white and the faces are darkened.
gl_skymip “0” Toggle the usage of mipmap information for the sky graphics.
gl_nobind “0” Toggle the binding of textures to the appropriate walls and objects.
gl_dynamic “1” Show the dynamic light.
gl_lightmap “0” Toggle the display of all light sources on the map.
gl_log “0” Toggle the logging of all the OpenGL commands.
gl_allow_cds “0”
gl_allow_software “0” Toggle the emulation of missing OpenGL functions by the game software.
r_lightlevel “0”
r_warnings “0”
r_speeds “0” Toggle the display of information about the renderer performance.
r_nocull “0” Toggle the rendering of objects which are covered up.
r_novis “0” Toggle the use of VIS information from the map data.
r_drawworld “1” Set to “0” to hide everything (everything becomes black) Not recommended!
r_drawentities “1” Toggle the display of object entities on the map. (Weapons, Pick-ups etc.).
r_fullbright “0” Toggle the use of lights at full brightness on the map.(set to “1” to eliminate all shadows).
r_norefresh “0” Toggle the redrawing of the game screen.
sc_framerate “30”
r_nearclipdist “4” Minimum distance view able on textures
r_farclipdist “65535.0” Maximum distance view able on textures
r_force_sgi_software “0”
bot_name31 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name30 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name29 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name28 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name27 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name26 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name25 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name24 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name23 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name22 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name21 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name20 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name19 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name18 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name17 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name16 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name15 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name14 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name13 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name12 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name11 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name10 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name9 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name8 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name7 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name6 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name5 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name4 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name3 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name2 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name1 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
bot_name0 “??????” Set bot name from your client.
showclamp “0” Toggle the display of clamping information which relates to network performance.
timedemo “0” Toggle the extrapolation of frames to maintain constant game speed.
sv_restartlevel “0”
sv_testsave “0”
sv_enforcetime “0” Equalize player distance on speed.
sv_no_big_ents “0”
sv_flash_big_ents “0”
bot_num “0”
paused “0” Set to “1” to pause a game (Difference with g_movescale is that with paused you can not move/fire.
zombietime “2” Time to continue sending packets after a player disconnected from an unknown issue.
timeout “180” Time left to a client that became a zombie.
rcon_password “” set the rcon (Remote-CONsole) password to control a server.
filterban “1” Toggle the usage of the banlist.
weaponarena “0”
public “0” Set your server public.
sv_maplist “” List your map in map list rotation.
deathmatch “0” Toggle the deathmatch game mode.
protocol “33” The version number of the game protocol.
cheats “0” set to “1” to enable cheats.
skill “2” The difficulty setting for the game.
gamespyport “28911” Set server gamespy port.
sv_violence “0” Value of violence to be played.
net_receiverate “1”
net_sendrate “1”
qport “30585” The random internal network protocol port for Network Address Translation schemes.
showdrop “0” Toggle the display of information about dropped network packets.
showpackets “0” Prints all recieved and sent packets to and from the server.
net_shownet “0”
ipxfix “1”
noipx “0” Disable game support for the IPX/SPX network protocol.
noudp “0” Disable support for the TCP/IP network protocol.
sv_show_strip “0”
use_mmx “1”
use_amd3d “1”
cpu_memory_level “3”
cpu_memory “640”
cpu_speed_level “4”
cpu_speed “1302”
cpu_amd3d “0”
cpu_mmx “0”
version “1.07fx86F” Display the version information about the game. (write protected).
dedicated “0” Set the game into dedicated server mode.
showtrace “0” Toggle the display of network packet tracing information.
logfile “0” Create a .txt file with server/client log activities.
fixedtime “0” Relative to ‘timescale’. set to “1” to neutralize timescale.
timescale “1” Server scripting speed.
developer “0” Toggle the use of developer mode and the display of internal game information.
log_stats “0” Toggle the logging of map statistics.
host_speeds “0” Toggle the display of the game engine’s performance statistics.
maxclients “32” Set set slot availability.
use_ff “1”
fx_editdir “p:”
joy_yawsensitivity “-2” The sensitivity speed for looking left and right.
joy_pitchsensitivity “-2” The speed that you look up and down.
joy_upsensitivity “-2” The sensitivity speed for moving up and down.
joy_sidesensitivity “2” The sensitivity speed for moving side to side.
joy_forwardsensitivity “-2” The sensitivity speed for moving forward and backward.
joy_yawthreshold “0” The dead-zone for looking left and right.
joy_pitchthreshold “0” The dead-zone for looking up and down.
joy_upthreshold “0” The dead-zone for moving up and down.
joy_sidethreshold “0” The dead-zone for moving side to side.
joy_forwardthreshold “0” The dead-zone for moving forward and backward.
joy_advaxisv “0” Toggle the mapping of the joystick v-axis.
joy_advaxisu “0” Toggle the mapping of the joystick u-axis.
joy_advaxisr “4” Toggle the mapping of the joystick r-axis.
joy_advaxisz “0” Toggle the mapping of the joystick z-axis.
joy_advaxisy “1” Toggle the mapping of the joystick y-axis.
joy_advaxisx “3” Toggle the mapping of the joystick x-axis.
joy_advanced “1” Toggle advanced joystick functions.
joy_name “joystick” Joystick Name.
in_joystick “0” Toggle the use of input from the joystick.
in_mouse “1” Toggle the use of input from the mouse.
sv_altpmodlistfile “custom”
fov “95” The size in degrees of the field-of-vision that the player sees.
bestweap “”
msg “1” Toggle the display of messages.
rate “20000” The maximum number of bytes that the server should send to the client.
skin “mullins” Select your skin.
teamname “mullins” Select team name
adr19 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr18 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr17 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr16 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr15 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr14 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr13 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr12 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr11 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr10 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr9 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr8 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr7 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr6 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr5 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr4 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr3 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr2 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr1 “” Favourite IP adress.
adr0 “” Favourite IP adress.
cl_nolangames “0”
cl_ffmult “3.0”
cd_nocd “0”
scr_interface “1” Show/Hide your Head-up Display (HUD).
cursor_blink_speed “500” Name say all.
tip_duration “2500” The time game messages are displayed (eg: flag captured)
s_mixahead “0.2” The delay before mixing sound samples.
s_nosound “0” Toggle the playback of sound effects in the game.
ghl_light_multiply “1.3”
ghl_gllight_max_lights “6”
ghl_gllight_attenuation “1”
ghl_gllight_directional “0”
ghl_gllight_local_viewer “1”
ghl_obj_fog “1”
ghl_poly_fact “-.1”
ghl_poly_unit “-.1”
ghl_max_lights “3”
ghl_fast_lights “0”
ghl_shadow_dist “25”
ghl_shadow_tilt “.25”
ghl_shadow_darkness “.75”
ghl_player_shadow “1”
cl_max_debris “1024”
cl_max_quads “852.571411”
gl_fogverts “0”
gl_fogmode “0”
gl_rj “0”
cpu_memory_using “3”
gl_gentextures_broken “0”
gl_scissor_broken “0”
gl_swapinterval “1” This is the time delay between frame swaps so long as
gl_ext_swapinterval is enabled. For fastest performance, set this to “0”
gl_s3_s3tc “1”
gl_ext_anisotropic “1”
gl_ext_multitexture “1”
gl_ext_swapinterval “1” Setting this to “1” will enable the use of the gl_swapinterval command upon the next vid_restart.
gl_displayrefresh “0”
gl_offsetunits “-2.0”
gl_offsetfactor “-2.0”
win_broken “0”
vid_ypos “0”
vid_xpos “-16”
vid_ref “gl”
con_maxlines “1024” Maximum lines stored in the console.
con_buffersize “32768”
con_notifytime “3” The time in seconds that messages are displayed on the screen.
allow_download_stringpackage “1” Allow client to download custom string package (text) file.
allow_download_sounds “1” Allow client to download custom sound file.
allow_download_players “1”
allow_download_models “1”
allow_download_maps “1” Allow client to download custom map file.
allow_download “1” Allow client to download.
sv_jumpcinematic “0” Jump sent from client
sv_reconnect_limit “3”
sv_max_ghoul_mp “200”
hostname “MY SERVERNAME” The name of the server.
welcome_mess “” Print message when client connect into your server.
sv_maplistfile “insanity” Select file name for your map list.
ctf_control_delay_time “20”
team_red_blue “1” Force player to equal the team.
control_bonus “1” Set bonus point in CONTROL mode
control_limit “13” Set maximum of control points.
ctf_loops “32” Select flag cap limit.
sv_quicksave_index “1”
ai_corpselife “5”
ai_maxcorpses “10”
g_movescale “1.0” Select move scale speed.
sv_suicidepenalty “2” Number of point decreased on suicide.
timelimit “0” The amount of time in minutes that a map should be played before automatically switching to the next map.
fraglimit “1” The amount of kills necessary to proceed to the next map in deathmatch games.
gsc_port “6667”
gsc_server “”
gsc_user “JohnMullins”
gsc_nick “Deathtrap”
net_socksPassword “”
net_socksUsername “”
net_socksPort “1080”
net_socksServer “”
net_socksEnabled “0”
net_ttl “0”
net_mainip “-1”
sp_language “0” Display text language type.
ai_editdir “p:”
mskins_expression_limit “0”
mskins_variety_limit “0”
sv_pmodlistfile “ghoul/pmodels/everybody”
log_file_counter “0”
log_file_name “”
log_file_footer “”
log_file_header “”
log_file_line_header “”
log_file_mode “a”
flood_msgs “4” Maximum message to be printed in X number of seconds.
flood_persecond “4”
flood_waitdelay “10” Time to wait before you can speak again.
flood_killdelay “10”
stat_moneyadd “” Show stat of money earned (single player).
stat_playedtime_base “” Show stat of time spend on map (single player).
stat_playedtime “” Show stat of all time spend on maps (single player).
stat_cashearned “” Show total of money earned (single player).
stat_savesused “” Show number of save(s) used (single player).
stat_gibs “”
stat_headshots “” Show number of time client shooted on monster’s head (single player).
stat_nutshots “” Show number of time client shooted on monster’s nut (single player).
stat_throatshots “” Show number of time client shooted on monster’s throat (single player).
stat_friendlieskilled “” Show number of time client killed no threat monster (single player).
stat_guyskilled “”
slug_info “items/a_slug,40,none,0”
fuel_info “items/a_fuel,30,none,0”
battery_info “items/a_battery,60,none,0”
rockets_info “items/a_rockets,8,none,0”
shells_info “items/a_shells,32,none,0”
a556_info “items/a_556,120,none,0”
a44_info “items/a_44,36,none,0”
a9mm_info “items/a_9mm,50,none,0”
aknife_info “weapons/w_knife,6,none,0”
medkit_info “items/i_medkit,2,none,1”
armor_info “items/i_armor,100,none,1”
goggles_info “items/i_goggles,100,none,1”
grenade_info “items/i_grenade,6,none,1”
c4_info “items/i_c4,4,none,1”
fpak_info “items/i_fpak,6,none,1”
mpg_info “weapons/w_mpg,1,battery,3”
rocket_info “weapons/w_rocket,1,rockets,3”
flamegun_info “weapons/w_flamegun,1,fuel,3”
slugger_info “weapons/w_slugger,1,slug,2”
machinegun_info “weapons/w_machinegun,1,a556,2”
mpistol_info “weapons/w_mpistol,1,a9mm,2”
assault_info “weapons/w_assault,1,a556,2”
shotgun_info “weapons/w_shotgun,1,shells,2”
sniper_info “weapons/w_sniper,1,a556,2”
pistol2_info “weapons/w_pistol2,1,a44,1”
pistol1_info “weapons/w_pistol1,1,a9mm,1”
knife_info “weapons/w_knife,1,aknife,1”
health “100”
medkit “0”
armor “100”
grenade “0”
goggles “0”
c4 “2”
fpak “5”
slug “0”
fuel “0”
battery “0”
rockets “0”
a556 “0”
shells “32”
a9mm “128”
a44 “0”
aknife “6”
mpg “0”
rocket “0”
flamegun “0”
slugger “0”
machinegun “0”
mpistol “0”
assault “0”
shotgun “2”
sniper “0”
pistol2 “0”
pistol1 “1”
knife “1”
base_slug “0”
base_fuel “0”
base_battery “0”
base_rockets “0”
base_a556 “0”
base_shells “32”
base_a9mm “150”
base_a44 “0”
base_aknife “6”
base_medkit “0”
base_armor “0”
base_goggles “0”
base_grenade “0”
base_c4 “0”
base_fpak “0”
base_mpg “0”
base_rocket “0”
base_flamegun “0”
base_slugger “0”
base_machinegun “0”
base_mpistol “0”
base_assault “0”
base_sniper “0”
base_shotgun “0”
base_pistol2 “0”
base_pistol1 “0”
base_knife “0”
dmflags “0”
name “John Mullins” The player’s name.
viewsize “100” The size of the viewable game screen.
gl_mode “6” Screen resolution variable.
vid_card “geforce”
vid_brightness “0.600000” Variable setting on video brightness.
vid_contrast “0.600000” Variable setting on video contrast.
vid_gamma “0.232143” Variable setting on video gamma.
vid_fullscreen “1” Switch to a fullscreen video mode specified in the vid_fullscreen_mode variable.
ghl_shadows “2”
ghl_no_texture_stack “0”
ghl_specular “1”
ghl_light_method “3”
ghl_mip “0”
gl_dlightintensity “2” Controls the amount of flaglight (the higher the value, the bigger the flaglight).
gl_effectfill “5000”
gl_texturemode “GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST” The mode used for rendering textures.
gl_detailtexturingdistance “483.928558”
gl_detailtexturing “1” Show texture in detail.
gl_modulate “1.814286”
gl_picmip “0” The level of detailed for textures used on walls.
gl_pictip “0”
gl_monolightmap “0”
gl_clear “0” Toggle the clearing of the screen between each frame.
gl_bitdepth “0”
gl_driver “opengl32” Type of video driver currently in use.
shownames “1” Show player name upon skin
freelook “1”
win_noaltenter “0”
win_noalttab “0”
cl_subtitles “1” Show subtitle.
cl_run “0” Always run.
crosshair “2” Toggle the display of an aiming crosshair.
lookstrafe “0” Toggle the automatic strafing when the +klook command is used.
lookspring “1” Toggle the centering of the screen after the -klook command.
m_cursor_accel “2”
m_cursor_speed “8”
m_doublespeed “200”
m_filter “0” Toggle mouse input filtering.
m_side “0.8” The level of precision when the mouse is used move the player left and right.
m_forward “1” The level of precision when the mouse is used to move the player forward and back.
m_yaw “0.022” The level of precision when the mouse is used to turn the player left and right.
m_pitch “0.022” The level of precision when the mouse is used to make the player look up and down while the +mlook command is in effect.
m_sensitivity_wheel “5” Sensitivity of your mouse wheel.
m_invert_y “0” Invert the Y axis looking (swing your mouse down to look up).
m_sensitivity_y “5” Sensitivity of your Y axis.
m_invert_x “0” Invert the X axis looking (swing your mouse left to look right).
m_sensitivity_x “4” Sensitivity of your X axis.
s_musicenabled “1” Enable/disable background music.
s_primary “0”
s_loadas8bit “0” Toggle the loading of sound samples in 8-bit mode.
s_khz “22”
s_musicvolume “0.393750” The volume for music in the game.
s_volume “0.554464” The volume for sound effects in the game.
snd_dll “defsnd.dll” Select sound file driver.
fs_createpak “0”
user “./user”
game “” Start the game using the files from a mission pack or a mod.
cddir “”
basedir “.” The location of the game data files.
console “1” Toggle console.

519 cvars

The dead-zone for moving forward and backward.

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