Create a custom sky


  1. PakScape
  2. Image editor to create TGA files
  3. M32ToolBeta2


– Open PakScape and create a new PAK file.
– Create the following directory structure.

– Open your image editor.
– Create six images. (right, back, left, front, up, down)
– Save these images in TGA format.


– Open M23toolBeta2.
– File –> Batch Convert

– Convert the files with these settings:


– Add the six M32 files to the ‘textures–>sky’ folder.


– Write the filepaths of all six files in a .txt files.
_bk = back
_dn = down
_ft = front
_lt = left
_rt = right
_up = up

In this example I used des.txt (This mean to activate this sky you have to typ sky des in console.)