SFL Rules

SFL Rules- Version 1.0


Update Season 6:
We also have a new rule as clans can sign up 2 teams if they want (tell me if thats the case) and use 1 memberlist for that
for clans signing up with 2 teams there are some rules, to prevent fraud:
1. A player can never play against the same team twice
2. A player can never play 2 matches in the same matchweek
3. A list of possible players for team 1 of a clan and those for team 2 will need to be pm’ed for me (this list is only for the matches that are between the 2 teams of that clan). This is also to prevent fraud


Update Season 5:
The official matchday will still be sunday and this cannot be changed.
If a clan can not play on sunday and notifies the other team 3 days in advance, they will pick their rematch date together.
If they can not fix a date, the rematch will be played on sunday, 1 hour before the match of next week. For example, if you can not play the week 2 match on sunday and no rematch time can be agreed on, the rematch will be played 1 hour before the week 3 match.

If a clan can not play on sunday, but does not notify the other team, they will get a rematch aswell. Only thing is, that the other clan can pick the rematch day and time. Offcourse it is still possible to negotiate the day and time together, but the clan that did show up has the final decision.

This all will be done, so there will be no confusion and to make sure that the clan that is able to play on sunday will not be punished.


For Players
– There is a name-rule in SFL: For the whole season long you will keep your registered sofname.
* Breaking Rule: Only when warned by the match-admin beforehand, the player will be banned for next week

– Some players who want to play in SFL are restricted:
See the Protocol topic in Clanleader board for a list of restricted players.
*Breaking Rule: Matches with restricted player(s) will be defaulted unless opponent agrees a rematch

– When during the season you are leaving a clan to join another, you will need permission from sfl-staff to join another sfl-clan.
Make a post in general board with reasons why you left or got kicked from the clan and you will receive a decission in 24 hours.
This rule is to prevent manipulating the standings.
* Breaking Rule: Removal from clanlist, 2nd attempt: Season Ban

– Do not use trickjumps/claymores in SFL
* Breaking Rule: player kicked for the whole match and a possible cap made illegal

– Do not use phos or flagpass
* Breaking Rule: 2 penalty flags (We advice the clanserver-admins to install anti-phosmod)

– A UAC Error that occured during a match will be seen as “player without UAC”
(Unless the opponent was notified right after the error and when the opponent allows him to play without his UAC)
* UAC rules will apply.
//This rule is not signed by the staff of UAC “(this means for this rule it will be possible that UAC-Staff will overule SFL-Staff)

For Clanserverholders/match-admins
– Always use the dedicated.cfg from SFL (You can keep your own private rcon).
– Standard pause time: 5 minutes for each clan (may change if both clans agree).
– Standard wait time: 10 minutes (may change if both clans agree).
– For any issues during matches, the staff is available on msn

– This tournament is standard played on 5on5.
– If the game gets to be a 5vs3 then it should be made into a 4vs3.
– 4vs4 and 3vs3 is only allowed if the clan agree to drop a player.
– No less then 3on3 is allowed. Otherwise default.
– Ammo always ON
– Realistic damage OFF
– minimise open chat, flaming against admin is matchban after a warning.
– the admin holds the right to disable open-chat if a flamewar occurs.

For Clanleaders
– Your allowed to create polls about everything except removing someone from the SFL Staff
– A majority needs to vote for the same choice to let a poll count

SFL CTF Tournament
To fasten the process, the clanleaderboard-access will be given directly after the clan has sign up.
Polls made before the season will be effective after the start of the season.
The season is started after the fixtures are published.

SFL Server’s priority is to use quality rented clanservers adminned by the clan themself.
To fasten the process all clans who signed up and own a gameserver will be automatic listed as a
Server to be used in SFL.

The relations between: Director, Staffleader & Clanleaders
When a SFL season is started the position of SFL Director will become a ceremonial one:
The SFL Director will be giving advices to the SFL Staffleader and
keeps an eye that the four powers named above will be strict seperated.
However after the season ended the SFL Director is on the lead again and
may ask the SFL Staffleader to make together with him preperations for the next season.
If the SFL Director gets inactive for more then a month, the staffleader will be the new director.

The SFL-Staffleader can pick his own staffmembers out to help him out during the season.
The SFL-Staffleader and the Director will follow the rules given by the clanleaders during the season.
Both SFL-Staff and the SFL Director cannot vote in polls.
When a poll ends in a draw, the staffleader will decide.

For new rules (not conflicting with current rules) comming from the clanleaderpolls there is no signature needed from the Director.
The Staffleader does not have to notify the director about it.
However to change existing rules the staffleader need to notify the director about.
A prove that the director has been notified about the rulechange will be done by a post from the director.
Ofcourse the director will always follow clanleader polls.
A majority is needed to succeed a poll.

In Summary the clanleaders make the decissions, the staffleader executes them and
the director keeps an eye and helps the staffleader out in problems he and his staff cannot handle alone.

As you see the staffleader, director and clanleaders are bound by eachother.
But this is not the thing with the UAC-Staff : Read the UAC Rules for more info.

SFL Forum rules (only SFL and UAC Sections)
The SFL Forum is heavily being moderated to keep the important information accurate for everyone.
Discussions being started in official SFL topics will either be deleted or splitted into another topic .
As alternative we suggest to make a new topic instead of starting a offtopic discussion in official topics.
Ofcourse harrassing SFL officials wont be allowed.

The above text does not count for the community section of the forum.

– Forum Account sharing is not allowed (to prevent misunderstandings)
* Account will fall under moderation approval + any special access will be removed
– Flaming/harrassing a SFL-official on personal title is not allowed
* Account will fall under moderation approval or will end up banned
(This rule does not apply if the admin is being addressed & mentioned as a clanplayer instead as a SFL-official)

To ensure these rules are readable by all kind of people, SFL holds the rights to release new ruleversions to improve the explanations of the current rules at all time.

Every other issues that may occur which are not covered by the rules will fall under unwritten rules. (For a smooth tournament)
However once a unwritten rule is being applied on a issue the same unwritten rule will be aplied on all issues of the same kind in the future.
This is to prevent corruption. In the next season the unwritten rule will be upgraded into a written rule.
(When such a issue is instead being solved by clanleader poll, the SFL-staff will directly transform the solution from the poll into a SFL-rule)

Unwritten rule: The rule of common sense