Single player


Beta version is basically a test stage to check the stability of the game. It’s not the final product which mean anything can be changed. SOF has his proof (ex: claymore)


>Back in the time, where the project started !

Single player

NOTE: Pictures are from IGN and those black and white ‘beta’ screen shot are taken from the official Soldier Of Fortune guide.


  • Different skinhead.


  • Toilets doors and wall have different texture.


  1. Door lever is now a switch.
  1. Tv monitor is set to view an entertainment animation of a hostage getting killed by pistol guy.
  1. Machine pistol can carry 300 ammo.


  • Same as the above except no switch (older).


  • This is the place where Hawk ask you to catch sabre. Get back and you face them.


  • The stairs has hand grip to avoid falling.


  • Floor was different.
  • You couldn’t use the lever if you haven’t saved all the hostages. [INDEX 38 / REFERENCE: USELEVER]

–“There are still hostages on the upper level.”

  • Female were present in map.



  • Different Wagon.



  • At the ending cinematic, the explosion wasn’t on the entire train but only the wagon where John inserted a c4. Wagon get destroyed completely.
  •  The original music was ger2 and the one we hear was when were in action (be seen)


  • Crates are in different spot.

  • In the scene where hawk blow the wall with the c4, a small conversation happen. [INDEX 4] & [INDEX 5]

–“JOHN: Got a way out. Thanks.”

–“HAWK: That’s my job.”

  • The location remain unknown for me yet but we can hear John say: [INDEX 17]

–“JOHN: What is a Kosovo soldier doing down here?”

  • The location remain unknown for me yet but its before the final room. We can hear John say: [INDEX 14]

–“JOHN: Sarin gas. War crime number thirty-three.”

  • A left over say that you have to help innocent people (watching your fire).
  • A left over in objective tab say that you are in the 2nd warhead nuclear.


  • Missing crates in front of the hangar door.


  1. Sky was cloudy (few hole) with observation tower (blue/green windows) with hangar beside it and petrol tower.
  1. Radar active.
  1. Room to active the switch has a door.


  1. Valve in the map.
  1. Face used in IRQs


  • In hangar where the jet were hidden underground. There’s 2 door which (use cheat to go underground) seem to be locked. A corridor was used to reach here.
  • The location remain unknown for me yet but we can hear Hawk say: [INDEX 12]

–“HAWK: You’re gonna have to take out those security cameras to avoid detection. Over.”

  • When Hawk talk about the truck outside, John respond: [INDEX 11]

–“JOHN: Will do. Out.”



  • In the first vent system (its a fuel system), we had to open the door manually. If you try to open with activate the switch, a message says: [INDEX 18]


  • More message about the countdown which remain unknown for me. [INDEX 2] to [INDEX 16]

–“seconds. >” // “Minutes. >” // “10” // “9” // “8” // “7” // “6” // “5” // “4” // “3” // “2” // “1” // “30” // “45” // “60”


  • The guide tell we can kill the unarmed worker as we can’t in the final version.


  • From the big world map screen, there’s some chairs and tables which doesn’t have in final (except 2 chair).


  • Sniper trooper in the map.


  • In the beginning of the map after you get out of the vent system, we can hear a Russian guy speaking on a intercom in his language. In the final version there’s no message translating except in beta. [INDEX 2]

>> S13D1[INDEX 2]

–“INTERCOM: < Attention. Evacuate sections eighteen through twentyfour. A fire is moving through fuel pump system two. Evacuate immediately. >”

  • In the big room with the big world map screen (see screen shot above), we can hear a Russian guy speaking on a intercom in his language. In the final version there’s no message translating except in beta. [INDEX 3]

>> S13D2 [INDEX 3]

–“INTERCOM: < Fire crews needed at electrical stations C, D, and G. Repeat. Fire crews needed at C, D, and G. >”

  • Assault rifle trooper were there and an extra snowcat was in the first room.


  • To deactivate the rocket, it’s on pressure plate instead of a lever.

  • At the end after you deactivate the rocket, a computer voice speak in Russian language and John respond himself: [INDEX 0] & [INDEX 1]

–“COMPUTER: < Main power grid failure. >”

–“JOHN: NEST EGG is going down with this place. Better get the hell out.”


  • After reading the left over from kos1, irq1a show this is the last warhead which mean there was 4 nuclear bomb to destroy and a map (or series) before KOS.


  • Somewhere after Hawk say he’s chasing the truck, Hawk says: [INDEX 7]

–“HAWK: John. LIGHTFOOT is no longer on the truck. They got it to the airfield. We must hurry.”

  • Something make us unable to use which says “Broken”. [INDEX 16]


  • Big wooden plate in the airplane.


  • From where you see the first shredder, we see a guy getting killed, we can hear him say (in his language): [INDEX 6]

–“FACTORY WORKER: <Stop! No! Help me! Help!!>”


  1. No protection panel behind the shredder.
  1. No 5.56 ammo beside the shredder (maybe taken before the screen shot).



  • In the last scene, before Dekker say “Don’t think so” (then kill Hawk), a computer voice says : [INDEX 26 / REFERENCE: C49D8]

–“COMPUTER: 4 minutes to launch.”

  • More countdown (sound files got removed). [INDEX 34] to [INDEX 47]

–“COMPUTER: < Countdown sequence activated. >” // “Minutes. >” // “Seconds. >” // “1” // “2” // “3” // “4” // “5” // “6” // “7” // “8” // “9” // “10” // “30”



  • The location is between the car escape and John talking about the elevator. We can hear John say: [INDEX 11]

–“JOHN: Too late. The Yakuza are after Jessica Six for the Order. Gotta get up there quick.”



  • In the room with the vending machine, we can see and hear a Japanese guy say: (in his language) [INDEX 9]

–“YAKUZA HENCHMAN: < Stupid machine! >”

  • The location remain unknown but we can hear a Japanese guy say (in his language): [INDEX 11]

–“YAKUZA HENCHMAN: < Execute the hostages! Now! >”


  • Entertainment script from a raider guy getting crushed by a sewer pipe. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t exist in our game file.

  • The location remain unknown but we can hear a raider guy say: [No index / script entertainment]

–“???: Go ahead, shoot me.”

  • The location remain unknown but we can hear some water impact (and a slash).
  • The location remain unknown but we can hear a raider guy yelling: [No index / script entertainment]

–“???: Ah, I don’t have a leg to stand on!”

  • The location remain unknown but we can hear a raider guy saying: [INDEX 3]

–“GUARD: Arnof hasn’t checked in for awhile.”



  • The location remain unknown and the sound doesn’t exist anymore but “I” personally (source from Reference) it happen in the room in the beginning where you have you climb to reach the venting system. We were able to hear a raider guy says: [INDEX 3 / REFERENCE: S52D1]

–“GUARD: Set the explosive… No, not that one!”


  • Before cut seen, there’s a few raider guy that you must get rid of it.

  • Female were present in the map.
  • In the last scene, right after John and Taylor says their name, John says: [INDEX 17]

–“JOHN: Let’s do it.”