Explosives Usage Tips

There are for types of offensive items in soldier of fortune,
the grenade, C-4, Flashbangs, and Claymores.

Im going to give you the pros and cons of each of these items.

Grenades- They make a great offensive weapon
when you are attacking someone, or raiding a base.

In soldier of fortune if you can score a direct hit
to your opponents body with a grenade, it will explode
on impact and 9 times out of 10 blow them to chunks.

There aren’t really any cons to grenades other than
the fact that you can blow yourself up with them,
and if you hit a teammate the nade will explode
and kill you if you are too close.

C-4- These are great if you are being chased by
an opponent that could kill you, you can drop
one and it will stick there for about 3 seconds
and then explode, killing them or causing them
to stop chasing you and confusing them.

They are great if you have captured the opposing teams flag,
and dont have any cover fire from your teammates,
collect C-4 and drop them behind you, if done correctly
it will either kill or slow down the people that are chasing you.

The bad thing is, its easy to get stuck somewhere after
dropping one and kill yourself, or accidentally run your
C-4 while it’s about to explode if your forced onto it.

Flashbangs- They blind people for about 3 seconds giving
you a chance to kill them and them not know what happened.

They arent very usefull in SOF because most players are
skilled enough not to look at them and rendering the flashbang useless,
and also most of the time you end up blinding yourself with them.

So be carefull with using C-4.

Claymores- These are very rare items,
they aren’t on any of the standard maps because Raven Software decided
to just throw them into the game for map developers to use.

Most of the time you can find them in custom maps near armor
or C-4/ Grenades. They are very usefull for laying around your
flag to defend it, or killing enemies,
due to the fact that they are invisible once
they are layed down. The bad thing,
is you can forget where you layed them and step on them yourself,
they are dangerous to you once they are layed so be sure not to step on them,
(they are triggered by stepping on them so they should be called land mines
but they arent so oh well). Remember where you put them or your screwed.

Grenades can be used to run an enemy away since
natural reaction is to run from a grenade you can
throw them in a pattern that runs your opponent
right to you so you can decapitate him with some buck-shot.

Grenades go farther if you are moving, if your standing
still they wont fly as far, and they typically move faster
and farther if your running backwards while you throw it,
much like throwing a baseball. If you are strafing while
throwing a grenade it will launch in the direction your moving,
not strait ahead. If you can master angeling grenade throwing
you can become effective at hitting people that are jumping
with a grenade or surprising them, since they wont expect
you to throw a grenade while your moving to the side.

C-4 is more effective if it is planted on the ground,
but it’s easier to spot there. So if possible try sticking
it onto a wall that you think someone is about to run around,
out of their view, this will give them a little explosive surprise,
and make them say, “HOLY CRAP I CANT BELIEVE I FELL FOR THAT” while
giving you satisfaction, and in some cases making you laugh.

Try to stay away from flashbangs as they arent really
usefull and can clog up your inventory

Try to remember where you place claymores too,
because thats an easy way to kill yourself.