Entities and interesting stuff

Beta version is basically a test stage to check the stability of the game. It’s not the final product which mean anything can be changed. SOF has his proof (ex: claymore)


>Back in the time, where the project started !


Some of the item exist in the game memory but removed in game. Here’s the list that the texture and script doesn’t exist anymore.

Note: The list is bigger. It’s either not clear to know or totally a left over.


  • dm_KOTH_targetzone
  • misc_siberia_carton1
  • misc_siberia_carton2
  • misc_siberia_carton3
  • misc_siberia_carton4
  • misc_siberia_icicles
  • misc_newyork_trash_pile
  • misc_iraq_sprinkler
  • misc_iraq_stealth (Used in kos3 instead)
  • misc_generic_access_card (The dropping impact exist)
  • misc_generic_car_rolls
  • misc_generic_car_sports (yellow version)
  • misc_generic_tree_thin
  • misc_bosnia_tank_jack
  • misc_bosnia_rumble1 (The dropping impact exist)
  • misc_bosnia_rumble2 (The dropping impact exist)
  • misc_generic_wpn_bat
  • misc_generic_wpn_desert_eagle (Known as .44 magnum)
  • misc_generic_wpn_katana (Known as knife)

Bots (or monsters)

  • m_nyc_epunk (Using pistol1)
  • m_x_germanshep (Sheep probably used to the end of GER1)
  • m_x_husky (Sib dog)
  • m_x_romulan (Star Trek?)

Left over with textures

– Some of entities does have more additional info but never been released public.


Note : The weapon list is kind of buggy.

  1. misc_generic_wpn_glock (Known as “piece”)
  2. misc_generic_wpn_ingram (Known as machine pistol)
  3. misc_generic_wpn_minimi (Known as machine gun)
  4. misc_generic_wpn_sig3000 (Known as sniper rifle)
  5. misc_generic_wpn_spas12 (Known as shotgun)



  • Very buggy monster that only appear in a specific spot in spawning. May happen not to move when dying (function not applied).


3rd one (left to right), he got removed near demo release.


  • It has the same aspect of grenade, instead it will make an electrical charge and if you can’t resist (to low hp), your brain will not blow up but melt. it is known as Neural Pulse Emitter.

Inventory look

  • Message displaying when you get killed by it. [INDEX 40]

–“%p’s brain was melted by %p’s neural grenade\n” (%p represent player name)

  • Message displaying when you suicide by it. [INDEX 18]

-“%p melted her own brain\n”

  • According to Raven Software on a personal note in a source code, the author mention : “12/28/99 who knows? we don’t have a model yet.”
  • This item was found in IRQ’s


  • Probably the most known beta item of the game. Perfectly working


  • Hidden far on the archive, The game was at the beginning, intentionally used to have molotov grenade. But yet, it is unknown if they made far on creation.



  • Entity himself exist already, but has multiple skin textures, and some got removed. In total of 4, we have the police and the black Cadillac. But it also have the Taxi and Miami police.


Thanks to : [RDAM]JAN for this discovery.

    Here is what you will never find in your game. It is stored in game memory but textures got removed.


  • A tree that is either spawned in SUD1 or SUD2.

Download this African tree (sorry no instruction)


  • That motorcycle are either in NYC mission or ARM (as background).

Download the 360 degree rotation video


  • Raider dog is the origin of dog we know in GER.


  • This skin is present in the game files but the ability to chose either this one or the original is not possible.






Flame thrower

  • The flame has a different effect when activated.

Silver Talon .44 (or Desert eagle)

  • This weapon does have an alternate function. like mpg, machine gun or rocket launcher, the .44 has the ability to whip the player and decrease an amount of hp.

  • Ammo capacity was set to 100.

Black Panther (glock) & Machine pistol

  • Both weapon had ammo capacity of 300 (like 5.56 ammo).

Machine gun

  • Capacity in clip was 50 (instead of 40 we have).

Player height

  • Our height was shorter than any enemy. This got fixed in version 0.57 (demo).

Sophisticated sniper zoom

  • When zooming, there was a meter showing the bullet range distance and the wind speed.

Real name weapon

  • 9mm Black Panther (piece) = Glock
  • B-42 Berserker (shotgun) = SPAS 12
  • Bulldog (sub-smg) = Ingram
  • Eagle Eye (sniper) = Sig 3000
  • M75 Guardian (machinegun) = M249 Minimi
  • Raptor (smg) = FAMAE SAF
  • Silver Talon (magnum) = Desert Eagle
  • Slugthrower (autoshotgun) = Jackhammer
  • M67 grenade = M67

NOTE : Those who aren’t listed is either already named or fictional weapon.


  • The real term used when suicide was: [INDEX 5]

–“%p couldn’t take it anymore\n”

Player killing streak

  • It was never intended to be in final release (as the file name called Test.sp). It was supposed to show a message saying how many times someone killed someone (not everyone in general). [INDEX 0]

–“The player %s was killed by %s %d times!”


Multiplayer skin : Deadeye & Ponytail

  • Hhmm, those are quite strange but possible that they are independent enemies in game or allies. They don’t belong into a terrorist gang. By reading their information Ponytail might got used in Nyc map as he’s “born and raised in back alley”, but raised with naughty people. Deadeye’s name is pretty familiar to say he’s born in USA too (Bruce Kennedy).


African girl

  • Face used on SUDs map.

 Connection logo

  • Possible to see in DEMO version.

My arse !!

  • No F…..g idea why it’s there. More like entertainment. It is stored in “pics” folder.


Single player item shop

  • From what i believe, the money earned was used to buy weapon.


  • A general (client and server) cvar name existed : “coop”. Was it for coop mission? or an active cvar from Quake 2, but removed for Sof1.

Even older

These are picture from a real far back in beta which I’m gonna say It’s Alpha version (before beta). Even less information. Files are taken from atomicgamers.com.

  • Seem to be Tsr1 with some ecto character monsters. different knife texture, and a body damage.


  • Same ecto guy.


  • Totally different Iraq map.


  • Iraq map with ecto officer.


  • Iraq map with different desert eagle shape.


  • Different view of Iraq map.


  • Iraq view.


  • Iraq view.


  • Another view of Iraq with ecto getting killed.


  • No comment… The oldness of the engine is getting more similar of the first id Tech 2 engine pattern.



I made this decision after viewing screens shots of Kos3. I personally believe its an old Irq map. It’s kinda strange that there hostages with Irq face, sniper guy, police guy (desert eagle) from Irq and .. yes door from Irq. B version has different building too. I don’t wanna jump in this conclusion yet but if you see this picture, it become red (light) like in the trailer in kos3. By checking the Sof intro video. Your spawn point never existed in tunel and the tunel also never existed. The video show a part of a random place using the same beta KOS sky (blue with cyan windows tower). And for last which resolve a new mystery that some might saw it. Its about the 2 boxes in a truck. No one know yet why its there until myself. In the video intro again. Trucks were different and they were using a flat deck which mean those 2 boxes were visible.