FinalFrag Rules

Game settings

All matches are played on the following servers unless stated otherwise in the tournament details: #01 Server #02 Server

Settings such as limited/infinite ammo, maps, friendly fire, timelimit, caplimit, matchtype, matchtime, prizemoney, etc will be different for every cup and will be communicated in the tournament details along with the tournament admins that will host the games.

Tournament rules

Spectators are not allowed. Live streams are allowed if there is a delay of at least 30 seconds.

If you are not familiar with how tournament sites like these work, it’s very simple:
– You simply come the website at the time of the tournament and you log in
– The bracket is automaticly generated when the tournament starts and will be shown on the tournament detail page
– In this bracket, you can see if a match is finished and who went through to the next round. An example of a brackets can be found here
– It’s a single elimination cup, so that means if you loose, you’re out

If games are running late, the last game will start before 23:30. If this is not possible, another date will be planned amongst the participants to play the remaining matches.

1v1 time-schedule

In a normal scenario, a 1v1 tournament should take less than 2 hours. To have an idea of our time schedule in a tournament, here’s an example with 16 participants and 10 minutes per game:
Round 1:
8 matches (40 minutes per server)
Round 2:
4 matches (20 minutes per server)
Semi Finals:
2 matches (10 minutes per server)
1 match (10 minutes)

So how do you know on which server your match will be played?
Round 1:
The top 4 matches will be played on the Finalfrag #01 Server
The bottom 4 matches will be played on the Finalfrag #02 Server
Round 2:
The top 2 matches will be played on the Finalfrag #01 Server
The bottom 2 matches will be played on the Finalfrag #02 Server
Semi finals:
The top semi final will be played on the Finalfrag #01 Server
The bottom semi final will be played on the Finalfrag #02 Server.
The final match will be played on the Finalfrag #01 Server


Since we are giving away prizes, we have a very strict zero-tolerancy policy concerning cheaters. This means if you get caught by sofplus cvar checks, UAC or my demos, you will receive an instant ban from the servers. There is no staff for this, so there won’t even be a vote for your ban. So for those out there, who think “I can win easy money by using hacks”. Let me tell you that the risk of getting caught won’t be worth the dozens of chances you get to win money in these tournaments. Soldier of Fortune does not have 1000+ players, so if you’re a decent player you’ll already have a high chance of winning.

The following precautions will be made to prevent or stop cheating:
1. Each player must use the UAC3 Anti cheat
2. Sofplus CVAR checks will be enabled which blocks most of the cvar exploits.
3. Each game will be recorded by the admin with a wallhack enabled.

Your UAC UID must be registered in your profile. You can’t join a SoF tournament on this site if it isn’t. You can do this by going to the ‘my profile’ page after logging in. In the “Games” section, click the green + sign to add a new game.

Cheaters getting kicked by sofplus or UAC, will receive a permanent ban. Don’t even try, you’ll miss all the fun!

These players will need UAC3 and working UAC screenshots until the new Anti-Cheat is released:


Admins will take screenshots and immediately upload these on the match details page. The winner can then proceed to his next match.


There will be no prizes for the first few tournaments as we need to finetune these rules and work ourselfs into the routine of hosting these tournaments. It won’t be long before we start giving away some cash though.

The prizes that are given away each tournament are stated on the tournament detail page.


E-mail & MSN:

The tournament admins will be online in the on-site chat during the tournament. Please contact them if there is any problem or if you have questions.