Anti Cheat Troubleshooting

Grey / Black Screenshot [Work around]



Users with Vista/Win 7 produce black/grey UAC3 screenshots when playing SoF. Example below:

The current fix, of playing SoF in windowed mode is distracting and blocks part of the users screen, which is not acceptable. Example below:

Patched ref_gl.dll which removes the borders from SoF in windowed mode. Example below;

When desktop resolution is adjusted to the same resolution as SoF.exe it will look identical to fullscreen mode. (because it is). This will allow UAC3 to take normal/visible screenshots from users who have Vista/Win 7. Example below:

Download link Ref_gl_borderless:

1 – Replace the existing ref_gl.dll in your sof folder with this one.
2 – Set desktop [b]resolution the same as SoF.exe
3 – Right click taskbar > properties > taskbar > uncheck Keep taskbar on top of other windows

4 – Save this as window.cfg, place it in your base folder: Download window.cfg
5 – Start SoF.exe
6 – exec window.cfg


Aero does NOT have to be disabled
-Users who require the patched fixed ref_gl.dll to prevent crashes can use this one also.
-To minimise SoF.exe use [b]alt+tab [/b]or type [b]minimise[/b] in console
-If your UAC3 screens do not look like this with window.cfg v1.1 please contact me: