UAC Rules

UAC Rules – Version 1.0

All new rules concerning UAC will be posted on the UAC Board by the UAC-Headadmin

For Players
– Do not use hacks/cheats in SFL
* Breaking Rule: ban during the season + next two seasons
Access still allowed in SFL Forums

– Do not use hacks/cheats in public without notifying and asking permission to the UAC Staff
* Breaking Rule: ban during the season + next two seasons

– Always use your UAC client (Unless the opponent + the match-admin has no objections against it)
* Breaking Rule: Opponent wins the match with 1-0, 1-0.

– Always use the UAC Official Match ID
* Breaking Rule: Player will not be allowed to play untill fixed

For Clanserverholders/match-admins
– Remember both teams about the UAC Match ID before the match starts.

For Clanleaders
– Polls to add manually cheaters on SFL banlist is allowed
– A majority needs to vote for the same choice to let a poll count

UAC Section in SFL Tournament

The UAC Headadmin is a seperate independent power.

It’s possible that the UAC Headadmin picks his own staff.
The UAC UAC Headadmin alone declares a player to be a cheater or not, based on evidence or not.
Also the UAC Admin will write the sets of rules how UAC will be used in SFL.

The SFL Staff will automaticly follow the decisions from the UAC Admin.
Clanleaders are allowed to overrule the decissions from a UAC Admin by poll