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News Update:

Hi guys, since there were no updates about next UAC (nicknamed UAC4) for longer time and many of you are asking about it, I will sumarize the info about the successor of UAC3.

* every player will have the same amount of screens per match (+-2 due to random screen interval)
* 50%+ less CPU usage while scan in progress (thus more FPS for games)
* after adding new cheat to def file, UAC server will scan all player logs and search for cheats
* ability to detect cheater even 6 months with backwards detection system if new cheat added to DEF file
* automatic adaptive optimization which will setup scanning system for each player depending on hardware and software setup of the computer to achieve no or minimal lags and maximal speed.

* all screenshots will be viewable on pages without need for UAC software
* you will be able to copy links of the screens to other pages

* Ability to change nick name
* You will be able to view online/active/cheating players ingame using xfire or steam web browser (no need to ALT+TAB)
* UAC will run from start of computer and it will run it self if game is launched, no need to run it manualy
* .war .match link system will be the same to preserve compatibility

* more strict cheater policy and yet offering “2nd chance”
* all users who will have more than 1 account that was used for cheating, will be banned from UAC and will be unable to use our service again.

* we plan release this year for sure since we are about 85% finished.
[UPDATE]There is no release date set yet, please stop asking
* the pages will stay the same for all next UAC releases :
* special functions for donators

If you wish to know more, feel free to ask in the comments.