Map fixes

By changing/editing entities, it will help to get a better gameplay and for some map (coop), it will avoid server crash. The file below goes in :

…\SOF PLATINUM\user-sp14T1x\sofplus\sv\spawn\fixed\dm


IF folder emplacement aren’t what it is. Take a look on your server console for 

——- Server Initialization ——-
Spawning map: dm/NAME
Read entities from: “DIRECTORY EMPLACEMENT”


Click on map name to download.

  • Gate after shortcut switch is now functional.
  • Flashpack is replaced by grenade.
  • Background music is set to KOS2.
  • Final enemy has now a limited respawn.
  • New shotgun in base.
  • Rocket launcher has been replaced by armor and health pack large.
  • General Amu has been replaced by Saddam Hussein.
  • Mission objective is now saving stock broker (instead of Sam due of a bad ainame).
  • Background music has been inserted (KOS3).
coop_raven_tsr1 (important)
  • Every SP text has been removed.
  • Internment dying police officer has been replaced by stock broker.
  • Background music is now functional.
  • Swat guy has been changed to stock broker (avoid player auto disconnection).
  • Background music has been added (NYC3).
  • Better items coordination.
  • Landmines on mine field has been removed.
  • Health pack has been added.
  • Lanterns does now touch the wall.
  • Entities (trucks include) has a better angle.
  • Spawn point has a better angle.