Don’t base camp. Nobody likes a camper,
it doesn’t prove your a better player because all your doing is shooting people
before they have a fair chance to fight back, you dont gain experience from it,
and you make yourself look like an ass.

Sometimes camping is acceptable if your trying to protect
your flag or are outnumbered by the other team.

ALWAYS be an agressive player, be all up in the other
players faces with your shotgun, because if you play like a pussy,
you get owned like one. Dont run from every fight, and dont rely on teammates
to do everything for you.

If someone else has the flag, dont try to get him/her killed
so you can score the flag, instead follow him/her and try to protect
them so your TEAM can get more points and win.

The game isn’t always about winning, ok, I lied, yeah it is,
the object of it is to win, but dont let losing here and there get to your head,
and dont think your the best player in the world,
cause chances are someone will blow you away.

DONT SHIT TALK OTHER PLAYERS FOR NO REASON. Dont start a fight with some random person,

it gets you bad rep and everyone thinks your an ass.

If someone insults you, stick up for yourself,
and 9 times out of 10 everyone takes your side if you didnt start the fight,
causing the other idiot to have to leave because everyone is making fun of him.

Dont get frustrated and give up on the game because you suck. You WILL get better with time.
And keep in mind the really good players have been playing this game for ages.
I mean years of practice and dedication to be as good as they are, give them respect,
and you will get respect from them, maybe even in a good clan,
where people will be nice to you and show you the ropes and make you a better player,
and more respected.

Most players in SOF know each other, its like highschool with shotguns,
so if your talking shit about another player,
they will probably figure it out and come massacre you,
you’ll be labeled a shit talker, and everyone will hate you.

In a small game like this your reputation counts more than your win rate.
Take for example One player who isnt that good, but everyone likes him,
and another player who is good but cocky and nobody likes,
the cocky guy gets kicked from the fun servers and shunned by his equals,
while the nice guy gets treated fairly and trained by pro players.

Good luck to you, sof needs new good players.