Aiming and Shooting

Aiming and Shooting is the second,
yes I said SECOND, most important part of fighting in-game.

Moving allows you to stay alive and move into a
position to overpower and kill your opponent.

Aiming is key to actually hitting someone.

There are two different styles of aiming.

One is using the mouse completely,
this is more accurate but takes up time which you need.

Dont spend too much time aiming or the other person will cap your
ass before you can say ouch.

The other way is semi-using the mouse,
but minimal movements with it, and using the movement
keys to get into a good position to fire,
such as when someone else is aiming at you roll to the left
and aim at them with your movement, pull the trigger,
and watch them explode.

One very important thing to remember is GET THE SHOTGUN
AND ARMOR. SMG and The MAC, will get you killed,
if you have to, get the .44 before the smg or hmg or mac,
mac and hmg are lard to aim with, and do too little damage.

And the HMG is still kinda hard to aim with.

Shotgun does the most damage and spreads out,
however there is a larger slug fired from the middle
so direct shots do more damage, they arent that great
at long range but if you learn how to move quickly you
can get in range of people.

You need to pick and choose your threats,
some noob with a pistol isnt as big of a threat
as some guy with armor and a shotgun, shoot the
guy with the shotty first, then the noob is all yours.

You also need to pick and choose your battles,
if you un-eqipped for a fight, then run away,
theres no shame in it, because im 30 seconds youll
have the ability to kill them.