Changing Mapitems



I would like to explain in this tutorial how u can replace/remove entities in sof such as weapons, c4 or even those nasty claymores.


1. Quark (Download here:  Click)
2. Notepad

1. Open Quark, then click “File”, then click “Open” and locate the map u want to edit.
2. Next up, you’ll get a new frame, and on the list u see all kinds of stuff like entities, planes, etc…
3. Click “Entities”, then on the right you’ll see a list of codes, simply highlight all of that and copy/paste it into a NEW notepad file.
4. Save that notepad file as for example “iraq_small” on your desktop.

1. Open your entity file in notepad, in my case “iraq_small”.
2. Now, you’ll see a list of codes, for example:

“origin” “992 2784 -96”
“classname” “item_ammo_sp_pistol”

=> The origins are x, y, z coordinates locating an entity such as grenades, armors, weapons, c4, …
=> The classname simply names that entity, in this case ammo for a pistol.

3. Now let’s say I would like to remove all shotguns on iraq_small.
4. To do this, I click ctrl+F, type in “shotgun” and click search.
5. On the first hit, u will see this:

“origin” “768 2592 -96”
“classname” “item_weapon_shotgun”

6. To remove that, u simply remove the entire thing, INCLUDING the { and }, or your map will be bugged and your server will most likely crash when loading the map.

Here a screenshot of the example:

7. Now, let’s say we would like to replace a c4 with a flash. All we need, is the “classname”.

8. Same routine, do ctrl+F and search for “item_equip_c4”, and then u replace it with “item_equip_flashpack”.

9. Now Save your file as “iraq_small.txt”.

1. Go to the control panel of your server, or the ftp server if u know how that works.
2. Open the “file manager”.
3. Open “user-sp14t12”
4. Open the “sofplus” folder, then “sv”, then “spawn”, then “fixed”, then “dm”.
5. Here u upload your new mapfix.
6. Restart your server and test your map 🙂


Here’s a list of “classnames” to make it easier for u:

Shotgun => “item_weapon_shotgun”
Grenade => “item_equip_grenade”
Armor => “item_equip_armor”
Flashbang => “item_equip_flashpack”
Small HEALTH => “item_health_small”
Big HEALTH => “item_health_large”
Magnum 50′ => “item_weapon_pistol2”
Sniperrifle => “item_weapon_sniper_rifle”
Rocketlauncher => “item_weapon_rocketlauncher”
Microwave Gun => “item_weapon_microwavepulse”
Phos Weapon => “item_weapon_machinegun”
SMG => “item_weapon_assault_rifle”
SUB SMG => “item_weapon_machinepistol”