Start your sof career

Here are some basics to get you started at playing better.
This tutorial is designed for noobs to moderate players,
Advanced players wont need this so just ignore it.

First off your going to need an autoexec,
this will automatically configure your graphics to be smooth and cool,
unless you have a COMPLETE SHIT computer, in that case,
stick to Pac Man. Go to downloads and get the autoexec.
It includes a tutorial to get you started.

Ok now that you have the autoexec, you need to get a color name,
to show your new bad self off.

Go to HERE and design your name
so you can get a rep on sof.

Now you need to set up your controls to what works for you.
Controls are VERY important because the quicker
you can hit the right keys the quicker you move.

I Recommend using WASD for up/down/left/right and Q for crouch and E for jump,
that way you can hit all of
the movement keys with your left hand and have your right free for aiming,
this also helps hand-eye coordination.

Train your fingers to know where the necessary keys are,
so you dont have to take your eyes off the screen to move,
saving you time.

Train your eyes to notice fast moving objects on your screen such as grenades
and c4 as these can kill you instantly, leaving you in a pile of peachy man-flesh.

Once you master this, move on the the next session. Go practice in a
server with some bots to do this.