Setup CVAR Checks

1) Turn server OFF

Open zip and place the contained sp_sv_check.txt file in: C:\Program Files\Raven\SOF PLATINUM\user-sp14t12\sofplus\script (allow overwrite)

In that same folder, you will see a file called spscript-run.bat. Execute this bat file. All the necessary cfgs for the new cvar checks will then be created automatically. (DOS box pops up and u can see files being created. You only need to do this one time)

4) Be sure you have the following 2 lines unblocked in sofplus_sv_2.cfg:
sp_sc_exec_file sofplus/script/scr/sp_sv_check.cfg
sp_sc_exec_cvar spf_sv_check_init

Run server as usual.


A wall hacker won’t even last 20 seconds before getting auto-kicked. It doesn’t even give them enough time to unload it lol it just kicks them and they get logged in sof.log.


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